Please read all terms and conditions below

Terms and conditions

    • Planted by Christy reserves the right to refuse plant(s) it is not interested in.  planted by Christy is only interested in “rare” uncommon plants either to trade with a customer in exchange for other plant(s) or planting accessories, purchase outright from the customer, or sell plants for customer on an agreed up consignment deal.
        • All trades and or sales must be made by appointment only, so that owner is available to appraise and complete sale or trade of plant(s).
            • For trades: planted by Christy and customer will agree on a set price for plant(s) and will exchange plant(s) or Planting accessories of equal value to agreed upon price.
              • For sale of plant(s):  planted by Christy will pay for plant(s) at the agreed upon price and own the plant(s) outright.  Once transaction is complete, all sales will be final.
                • For consignment:  planted by Christy will take on the responsibility of selling customers plant(s) at agreed upon price for a term of two weeks.  If the plant(s) does not sell within two week period, customer is responsible for retrieving their plant(s).  if customer does not retrieve their plant(s) after agreed upon time frame, planted by Christy Is no longer responsible if any damage occurs to plant(s).
                  • Pricing:  please be reasonable with your price requests.  Our interest in plants really depends on how rare a plant is, size of plant, availability of plant, etc.  if we have stock of certain plants, our interest is lower.  We also have access to a lot of different plants at certain price points so we know more or less the value of most plants.  
                    • Our intentions are to help customers have access to selling their plant(s) quicker and seamlessly without the worries of shipping or collecting payments from others.
                      • All transactions whether it’s a trade, sale or consignment agreement are by appointment only.  In order to get an appointment we need to see your request form filled out completely, as well as photos of plant(s) you are looking to sell or trade.  Whether or not we are interested, we will return all requests in a timely manner.
                        • Once a transaction has been completed, all deals are final.  So please keep that in mind before you agree to a sale, trade or consignment agreement.